What does the future of Brooklyn look like?

The River St. developers are rushing to finish rezoning during the pandemic because the decision maker is our current city council member, Stephen Levin, whose term ends this year.

All eight candidates running for Levin’s seat are against this development.

Please write Councilmember Levin below and urge him to stand with the community.

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SUBJECT:  Community Involvement Required on the River St Rezoning!
As a Brooklyn resident, taxpayer and voter I want to raise my concerns with the River Street rezoning process, initiated by Two Trees.

I understand Two Trees are meeting with City Councilmembers aggressively attempting to push through planning approval for the River Street Development in 2021, ahead of proper community engagement.

I urge you to encourage council members to follow due process and consult with the community, who are overwhelmingly against this rezoning.

While Two Trees is apparently engaging Council members, they have neglected to engage local residents. Like 79% of my neighbors (Google Survey by ‘Sustainable Williamsburg’ August 2020), I strongly oppose rezoning of the site to allow increased density. Our neighborhood has experienced the most condo development of anywhere in NYC over the last decade. Rezoning decisions should be made by city planning and our community, not developers.

This rezoning request is unnecessary and irresponsible. There are thousands of vacant luxury apartments. Along with ~ 8500 new apartments under construction in our local neighborhood along with three more buildings on the Domino site itself already approved yet to begin construction. This is a time to seriously consider our land use choices, not rush through the rezoning of yet another luxury residential tower.

The community has yet to see an environmental impact study. We have been told the developer will be seeking a 421-A tax abatement, meaning they will offer nothing to our local community services and will further burden our transportation, school system and community services like police, garbage and fire departments. Similarly, they will be contributing to a chronic shortage of open space, offering only a minimal amount of walkway public space in their plans. Much of their misleading plans for so-called ‘park space’ counts land that is in fact underwater. Even with this river acreage, the space is nowhere close to the city’s guidelines of 2.5 acres per 1,000 residents. Now is not the time for ‘mega towers’ bringing thousands of new residents and no additional revenue for local infrastructure, adding a tiny additional amount of public space.

We expect to have a fair opportunity to challenge what we believe are grossly inappropriate plans by Two Trees. This is an organization we cannot trust to ‘do the right thing’ – evidenced in Two Trees stalling the release of their affordable units at 1 South 1st St. in their Domino development. This is an organization that does not have the interests of our community at heart.

We demand a public process for this rezoning request to be fully considered rather than a closed process, pushed ahead by over-reaching developers, during a pandemic.

I trust you will listen to the voice of the community and ensure the proper process is followed.

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slevin@council.nyc.gov Stephen Levin, Councilmember