What does the future of Brooklyn look like?
What We Stand For Campaigning for a sustainable future for Williamsburg which:
Ensures Williamsburg is a livable and healthy place for all
Allows responsible growth appropriate to local infrastructure
Keeps Williamsburg diverse
Retains the character of our neighborhood and supports local businesses
Provides jobs and serves the needs of our community
Considers Williamsburg as a part of a larger socio-economic and environmental ecosystem of North Brooklyn and New York City

Why We Care

Williamsburg leads NYC with the most condo construction from 2009-2019 along with the highest increase in rents at 53% over the past decade as a result of the 2005 rezoning of the Williamsburg-Greenpoint Waterfront. The neighborhood is only about halfway through the planned construction allowed by the rezoning and the neighborhood is already suffering the impact of over-development. Our goal is to be a voice for the community to advocate for sustainable land-use decisions for our future along with ensuring we have the services and infrastructure to serve the thousands of units in our pipeline.

We endeavor to affect good development within Williamsburg, seeing this challenge within the context of the 2005 waterfront rezoning, which includes the neighborhoods of Williamsburg and Greenpoint. We seek a paradigm shift within all of New York City planning and development, towards real affordable, inclusionary and sustainable housing and neighborhoods.

At present, our primary focus is fighting the potential rezoning of the River Street lots at Metropolitan & North 3rd from low-density to high-density (65+ story) towers. The sheer size of the River St. development makes it our priority as it would further overwhelm the transportation and utility infrastructure, cause economic displacement of local residents and retailers and threaten our environment.

We are against the construction of any proposed project that brings unnecessary strain to our overburdened infrastructure and environment, including energy utilities which do not succeed in mitigating climate change by utilizing and developing renewal energy.

Our goal is to expand awareness and encourage community involvement. The future of the neighborhood is in the hands of the community, but only if we participate in it!